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19 January: New year and winter songs.  Practice for February Open Mic.

12 February: Extra Rehearsal

16 February: Practice for Open mic.

19 February: Extra rehearsal

23 February: 11th Anniversary Open Mic at Folk Music Center!

15 March: Regular Strum, Irish songs.

19 April: Regular Strum.  Song parodies.  Count on Tom Lehrer and "Weird Al" Yankovic!

17 May: Regular Strum.  May Showers.

21 June: Regular Strum.  Patriotic songs for 4th of July

19 July: Regular Summertime Strum

16 August: Regular Back to School Strum

20 September: Talk Like a Pirate Day - Pirate Songs

18 October: Spook-u-lele songs.

15 November: Regular Strum, Holiday and Winter songs.

20 December: Performance?  TBD

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