Our 5th anniversary!  
The defenders of Fun!
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From the Santa Ana Botanical Gardens!
October Open Mic at the Folk Music Center:
Cadaver Carole, Rotten Rich, Deathly Diane, Tragic Tammy

Aloha!  CUC entertained the crowd at Dave and Jackie's 25 anniversary. L to R: Rachel, Rick, Dave, Jackie, Diane, Tammy, and Rich.

We visited the San Diego Ukulele Festival in September 2012.  We found one of our favorite ukulele artists, Sarah Maisel! 

For Christmas, we played to the patrons of the Luminary Walk at the Santa Ana Botanical Gardens.  It was kind of cold, but we had a lot of fun and entertained a lot of people.  

We tried out for the performing the National Anthem for an Ontario Quakes baseball game.  We didn't make the cut, but we'll try again next year.  It's hard to get a good sound with only one mic!  

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